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The Saint Andrews Society of Maine is proud to announce

Clan MacBean

as the Honored Clan for the
2018 Maine Highland Games and Scottish Festival

Clan MacBean started when Dougal Dall, 7th Chief of Clan Chattan (pronounce Hattan) gave his daughter, Eva, heiress to his Chieftainship of Clan Chattan, in marriage to Angus MackIntosh, the 6th Chief of Clan MackIntosh in 1291. One of our ancestors came with Eva as part of her family that moved with her when she married.  It was custom that a new heiress would bring a following of her own kinsmen with her to her new married home.  Her father was from the Royal family of Loern of the
Ancient Celtic Kingdom of Dal Riad and this was also the family that Bean Macdhomhil Mor came from.  “Bean” means lively one and “mor” means great.

When the Mac kintosh granted him land, he rightly took his place as a clan chief.  This is how Clan MacBean is considered part of Clan Chattan’s Federation of Clans.  We carry the blood of both Clans and as the MackIntosh was also the Chief of Clan Chattan, our families have always been close.  Eva came from Lochaber and after their marriage they lived for some time at Tor Castle in Glenloy.  Due to the enmity of Angus Og of Islay they eventually withdrew to Rothiemurchus.

Our Lands were located on the south side of Loch Ness. There are several notible family groups, such as the MacBeans of Faillie, the MacBeans of Tomatin, the MacBeans of Pittanie, and the MacBeans of Kinchyle. It is the MacBeans of Kinchyle that the Chieftainship is passed through to our present Chief, James McBain of McBain – 22nd Chief of Clan MacBean.

The lands of Kinchyle were lost through taxation in the late 1700’s. At that time, the 15th Chief of Clan MacBean, Donald MacBean, was in the British Army and fighting in North America following the loss at the Battle of Culloden. William McBain – 16th Chief of Clan MacBean, immigrated to Canada in the early 1800’s, bringing the Chieftain lineage to North America. Many Clan members came to North America during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Some through the military, some through exploration, and some through transportation as prisoners.

In the mid-1900’s Hughston McBain was interested in his heritage and started doing research. It  was discovered that the Chieftainship had been vacant for almost 200 years. After several years of followup research and applications to the Lord Lyon, he became the 21st Chief of Clan MacBean. He was able to buy a small piece of the old lands of Kinchyle and has established a park that all clan members may visit. Although the original home of Kinchyle has been lost to the clan, it still exists and is in very good shape. It is not a castle by any means, but a good sized home and can be seen by driving down the
road past the turn off to the park.

[Editor’s Note: The clan history information is used by permission from the Clan MacBean website, which is located at

Please check out the wealth of information available on their website, including the names of some famous MacBeans, such as astronaut Alan Bean (the 4th man to walk on the moon), and Maine’s own L.L. Bean.

George Newell, Clan Secretary

St. Andrews Society of Maine

Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival


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