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Ceud mìle fàilte bho Gheamannan Gàidhealach Maine agus Fèis na h-Alba

(One hundred thousand welcomes from the Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival)


The Saint Andrews Society of Maine and the spirit of good ol’ Rabbie Burns have got a treat for ya!


Ya dannae wanna miss out, dae ya?

Clan Village Wrap-Up 2019

Well, another Games has come and gone, and preparations are already underway for 2020. I would like to extend a huge Thank You to our Honored Clan for 2019, Clan Donnachaidh, for helping us to make the 41st Annual Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival a tremendous success. The festivities began on Friday night at the Cèilidh with some delicious camp stew and homemade bread, courtesy of the 74th Argyll Highlanders, and a Scottish tradition, haggis, provided by W. A. Bean & Sons; piped in and properly “addressed” by George P. The food was welcomed heartily, and warmed us all on that cool evening. A few guests even had a little something else to “warm the heart” but that was unofficial.

The music was festive and lively and even caused one little girl to break into a spontaneous dance. We all got a chance to warm up when Clan Donnachaidh started our round of war cries and then put the torch to another tradition at the Cèilidh: the burning of the castle. A special thank you goes out to Bill McKeen for providing the castle each year, which was large enough to warm us all while sending flames 20 feet in the air. When checking out the photos of the burning castle, my pareidolia kicked in. I could swear that the flames looked just like a Scottie dog. Maybe I should have partaken of a little more of that “other warming substance” and perhaps the dog would have barked at me.

Saturday started out a bit chilly, but the cooler weather would end up helping to boost the crowd sizes. Early on, I could tell it was going to be a good day, as I received a wonderful present from the Honored Clan. I had emailed them a month or two back, letting them know about “the tradition”, one which I had conveniently just thought up at that moment. I told them it was a tradition each year for the Honored Clan to buy the Clan Secretary a brand new SUV, and they came through with flying colors. I really like the Mercedes: thanks, guys! I also have to compliment them on their war cry. Our photographer, Steve E. got a great photo of them at the Parade of Clans and judging by the look on their faces when they gave their war cry, I think they really meant it.

The weather held off and we had a wonderful day. The clan tents were busy and many people learned a great deal about their heritage, and a few even got a wee taste of Drambuie. My pastor and his family came to the games and greatly enjoyed visiting the clan tents. His wife is a Campbell, and since I am also, I guess I can’t hold it against her. Of course, I’m part Campbell and part MacDonald, so if there’s going to be a battle, I’ll have to punch my own lights out. I want to thank all of the clans that participated. The festival wouldn’t be complete without a strong representation of who we are as a people.

With good fortune, we can meet again at the 42nd Annual Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival.

George Newell, Clan Secretary

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