Clan Information


Ceud mìle fàilte bho Gheamannan Gàidhealach Maine agus Fèis na h-Alba

(One hundred thousand welcomes from the Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival)

Calling all clans!

 The Maine Highland Games and Scottish Festival is fast approaching, and the call of
the pipes and drums is beckoning all clans to join us and celebrate the richness and wonder of our great heritage. Many of our clan kinfolk have already come on board and are planning to be a part of this annual celebration. Will you stand and be counted with your Celtic brothers and sisters?

Currently scheduled to attend in 2021

 Innes Clan Society
(2021 Honored Clan)

 Clan Anderson Society
Clan Campbell Society, North America
Clan Chattan Association
Clan Davidson
Clan Donald USA
Clan Forbes Society
Clan Fraser Society of North America
House of Gordon USA
Clan Graham Society of North America
Clan Grant Society USA
Clan Gunn Society of North America
Clan Henderson Society
Clan Johnston/e in America
Clan MacBean (Worldwide), Inc.
Clan MacEwen
Clan MacGillivray Society USA
International Association of Clan MacInnes
Clan MacKintosh of North America
Clan MacLachlan Society of North America
Clan MacNaughton
Clan MacNicol Society of North America
Clan Montgomery Society International
Clan Shaw Society
Clan Thom(p)son International
Clan Urquhart Association
Maine Ulster Scots Project (MUSP)
Scots Charitable Society of Boston

Will you join us?

If you don’t see your clan or organization listed, perhaps it’s time to ask why not?