Clan Information


Ceud mìle fàilte bho Gheamannan Gàidhealach Maine agus Fèis na h-Alba

(One hundred thousand welcomes from the Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival)

Calling all clans!

Na seinn e, dìreach thoir leat e!

(Don't sing it, just bring it!)


Dae yer clan hae it in ye? The 42nd Annual Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival is nigh upon us, and the call has gone out for all clans to battle up and join us. We Scots have stood together through thick and thin, and now is the time to don your tartan colors, sharpen your swords, and make your presence known. With the lingering remnants of COVID-19, many states are either limiting their Highland events this year, or worse, they are canceling them altogether. Maine is holding strong, however, and will offer the best event for our kinfolk and friends.


Clan Innes is leading the charge as our 2021 Honored Clan, and they have put forth the call for all clan brothers and sisters to join them. As of the writing of this article, the following clans and organizations have heeded the call, and are scheduled to appear: Clan Anderson Society, Clan Campbell Society North America, Clan Chattan Association, Learned Kindred of Currie, Clan Davidson, Clan Donald USA, Clan Donnachaidh Society Northeast Branch, Clan Forbes Society, Clan Fraser Society of North America, House of Gordon USA, Clan Graham Society of North America, Clan Grant Society USA, Clan Gunn Society of North America, Clan Henderson Society, Clan Johnston/e in America, Clan MacBean (Worldwide) Inc, Clan MacDougal Society of North America, Clan MacEwen, Clan MacGillivray Society USA, International Association of Clan MacInnes, Clan MacKintosh of North America, Clan MacLachlan Society of North America, Clan MacNaughton, Clan MacNicol Society of North America, Clan Montgomery Society International, Clan Shaw Society, Clan Thom(p)son International, Clan Urquhart Association, Clan Young, the Maine Ulster Scots Project (MUSP), the Scots Charitable Society of Boston, and the Scottish District Families Association. Also appearing will be special guests the Argyll Highlanders 74th Regiment as our Clans Honor Guard. They will lead us onto the field for the Parade of Clans, and present a series of musket volleys as we honor the First Responders who have worked so tirelessly in the past 18+ months, helping keep us safe during the pandemic. (After reading that list, I’m fair puckled!)


Whit's that ye say? Ye dinnae see yer clan named? If they huvnae registered, gie em a poke and ask em how no? If they say “Gonnae no’ dae that”, keep the heid, but do yer dinger an' gie it laldy. Registrations will be accepted right up until the week before the Games, and all clans are welcome. Maybe you can volunteer to work at the clan tent, and gie em a haun. And don't forget to join us on Friday night, August 20th for the free-to-the-public Cèilidh. You can represent your clan proudly as we sing and dance, share good food and good company, and even burn a castle! Check out our website ( on pg 3 for clan registration info.