Maine Highland Games

Join us at this year’s 39th annual Games on Saturday, August 19th, 2017

8:00 am Gates Open, many events start at 8:30
10:00 am Opening Ceremonies
Massed Pipe Bands, Parade of the Clans
4:30 pm Massed Bands and Closing Ceremonies

2017 Maine Highland Games Brochure



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Sue Richards will be teaching the harp ensemble workshop at the Maine Highland Games again this year. Sue Richards is a traditional Celtic harper; as a child she studied classical harp at Oberlin College and Ohio State University; then she turned to the Irish and Scottish music of her heritage, winning the American National Scottish Harp Championship four times. She has played for Presidents Clinton and Bush, Queen Elizabeth of England, and sat in with the Chieftains Irish band. She currently tours with Ensemble Galilei, teaches and directs the harp program at the Ohio Scottish Arts School at Oberlin, has taught and performed at most of the major Celtic harp festivals in the US, and tours with HARPA Ensemble in Norway and Scotland. She has many recordings and books of arrangements and original tunes to her credit.


2017 Piping Competition Form

2017 Maine Highland Games Dance Entry Form


BRIDGHAM & COOK (Jay Paulus)
CELTIC ISLES (Terrance Foster)
LA WREN’S NEST (Julie Brooks)
TARTANS OF MAINE (Sarah and Allan Hart)
THE HEELAN HOUND (Ann Blackmore)
THISTLES & THINGS (Patti Tillotson)
UNION JACK (Douglas Sanders)


·        AUCOIN CONCESSIONS (Steven Aucoin)

·        BYRNES PUB (Patrick Byrnes)

·        CAMERON’S SCOTTISH FOODS (Ian McAndrew)

·        CAROLYN DUDLEY ICE CREAM (Carolyn Dudley)

·        EMILY’S RESTAURANT (Starr Jones and Lonny Jones)

·        GRACIE’S FOOD TRUCK (Debra Vermette)

·        JENSEN’S CONCESSIONS (Linda and Peter Jensen)

·        MAINLEY BURGERS FOOD TRUCK (Jack Barber and Max Barber)


·        STEEL HOUSE OVEN – Pizza (Anastacia Boudreau)

·        TO THE QUEEN’S TASTE (Dena Baker)

·        WRAP DADDY (Amanda Ouellette)

·        YE OLDE ENGLISH (Kristy Alexander)

The Events

Open Stone:   Similar to the shot put, except a stone is used.  The stone is a minimum weight of  8lbs for women and 16lbs for men.  It is called “Open” style because any style of putting is allowed with the spin and glide styles being the most popular.   The throwing area is a box  4’6” wide and 7’6” long.  The thrower must keep one foot inside this area and not step over the back line or the inside face of the trig.

Braemar Stone Put:   The stone put is heavier than the open stone it is a minimum weight of 13lbs form women and 22lbs for men.  It must be put from a standing position.  The same throwing area and fouls for the open stone apply.

Heavy Weight for Distance:   The weight is either a block or spherical shaped weight with links and a handle.  The overall length of the cannot exceed 18” and must be a minimum of 28lbs for women and 56lbs for men, masters men use a minimum of 42lbs.  The weight is thrown with one hand from an area of 4’6” x 9’.  The thrower must keep one foot inside the area and not step over the back line or inside face of the trig.

Light Weight for Distance:   Thrown the same as Heavy Weight for Distance, with a minimum weight for woman being 14lbs and a minimum weight for men being 28lbs.

Heavy Hammer:   The hammer has a lead or steel head with a bamboo, rattan, or pvc handle affixed through a hole in the head. The overall length cannot exceed 50”. The athlete stands behind the trig (toe board) with his back to the throwing area, winds the hammer around the head and releases over the shoulder.  The athlete’s feet must remain in a fixed position until the hammer is release.  Boots with blades attached to the front of them are usually worn to keep the feet on the ground and in a fixed position.  The Hammer weights 16lbs for women and 22lbs for men.

Caber Toss:   The Caber is a tree that has been cut and trimmed down so one end is slightly wider than the other.  It can vary in length and weight.  Women’s cabers are anywhere from 14 ft. to 17ft long and 60 to 90 lbs.  Men’s Cabers are anywhere from 16 to 22 feet long and 100 to 180 lbs.  The smaller end is rounded off so it will be easy to cup in the thrower’s hands. The caber is stood up for the thrower with the large end up.  The thrower hoists the caber up and cups the small end in his hands.  He then takes a short run with the caber and then stops and pulls the caber so that the large end hits the ground and the small end flips over and faces away from the thrower.  The caber is scored for accuracy as through the thrower is facing the 12:00 position on a clock face.  A judge behind the thrower calls how close to the 12:00 position the small end of the caber lands, 12:00 being a perfect toss.  If the caber is not turned, a side judge calls the degrees of the angle the caber makes with the ground.  Sometimes a Challenge Caber is also used which is larger than the Games Caber.

Sheaf Toss:   The sheaf is a 10lb bag for women and a 16lb or 20lb bag form men. The sheaf is a bag of burlap and plastic bag stuffed with either chopped rope, straw, of mulch.  The sheaf is tossed over a cross bar with a pitch fork. Three attempts are allowed at each height.  If the thrower misses the three tries at one height, than he is out of the competition.

Weight for Height:   Better known as WOB or Weight Over Bar.  The weight for height is the same as used for the Heavy Weight for Distance, except it has no chain, only a weight and a handle. The weight is tossed over a cross bar with one hand.  Three attempts are allowed at each height. If the thrower misses all three tries at one height, then he is out of the competition.